Combine esports with sports and become the ultimate sports master

The Hybrid Sports Master organization

The Hybrid Sports Master Organization was founded following a joint initiative from the International ESports Federation, The Next Organization and Interactive M. The esports industry is developing enormously and many young players have discovered the world of esports. Research has shown – unlike the current reputation of gaming – that gaming can stimulate the development of mental skills. However, a balance is crucial to stay healthy. Also, it has been proven that skills learned in online sports can be used in physical sports and vice versa to improve ones performance. Therefore Hybrid Sports Master was created to support youngsters in finding this balance, guiding them to develop these skills and offering them a greater experience. So the HSM organization combined the two worlds by partnering national esport with physical sport federations to realize the mission.

The mission

  • Support talent and create a world where esports athletes can compete on the same level as traditional athletes
  • Stimulate young gamers to exercise and adapt a healthy lifestyle
  • Strengthen social responsibility and the reputation of the entire esport and gaming industry