How does it work?

Set up the master plan

  •  Have a look at the calendar for physical activities offered by partner sport facilities in your area
  •  Register & check in at its location or start training individually (i.e. go for a run)
  •  Activities are tracked and put in a personal overview
  •  Set up your personal training programme tor reach goals


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Unlock HSM coins

  •  For every physical effort you unlock HSM coins
  •  Once an activity is completed, your HSM coins are unlocked in your wallet
  •  Every activity equals a different value of HSM coins, depending on certain factors
  •  Friends and family can send HSM coins as a gift, they are unlocked after physical effort is conducted

Purchase items in HSM shop

  •  Explore the shop and buy your favourite items with your unlocked HSM coins
  •  The shop is filled with items that boost your performance on- and offline!
  •  Find vouchers to spend in your favourite game or products provided by our partners according to your preferences

Get inspired and see some examples

Become the ultimate sports master

  •  Sport and esports go hand in hand, different skills are to be used for both
  •  Improve your performance on and offline by developing those skills
  •  Have fun exploring sports and esports and become better each day
  •  Get inspired by professional sport and esport athletes

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Want to know what’s in your area?

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