Hybrid Sports Master commits to support a healthy and balanced way for youngsters improving their performance

    Why hybrid sports master?

    Sport and esport go hand in hand.

    As the esports industry is groing tremendously and a lot of young people are exploring the diverse possibilities of it. Esports and gaming stimulate the development of mental skills, however it is proven that it is important to maintain a healthy balance for it to have a positive effect.

    Therefore HSM combines the two worlds!

    A fun, safe and social platform…

    A lot of young talents are training many hours a day to grow and become better in their game(s).


    The International Esports Federation (IESF) supports youngsters by offering a healthy balance between sports and esports. A diverse set of skills to be learned and inserted in both sports and esports and a good mental and physical health therefore improve the overal  performance.

    …to improve perfomance online and offline

    Family of gaming youngsters can stimulate the combination of both esports and sports.

    Hybrid Sports Master rewards members for physical effort by partnering with their local sports club or other physical activity facilitators.

    Obviously, HSM considers age limits for access to some sport activities by asking approval for youngsters under 16 years.

    Besides, the items in the shop are for all ages with the goal of contributing the improvement of their physical and online performance.

    Become a part of our community

    With Hybrid Sports Master I started to play more soccer, and was able to move up a division and improved my FIFA skills immensely. Win-Win!

    Peter Reed, 16, The Netherlands

    Starting a training plan to run 3 times a week, I became fit and was able to unlock multiple features in Dota 2, so my team could win by destroying the Ancient!

    Jesse Pham, 24, Sweden

    With HSM we were able to have our son enjoy both gaming and physical sports by combining the two. He did not enjoy playing basketball at first, but it allowed him more gaming time. But now he not only loves gaming, but also basketball, and joined the team.

    Hannah Rasmussen, 41, The United States

    Support your friends and family by purchasing HSM coins. Gifted HSM coins are unlocked after completion of a physical activity.

    If you have questions about HSM, have a look at the FAQ or visit our Facebook page to join the community and contact us.


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